Yoga With The Youngsters.

I took our 8 year old granddaughter to yoga class last week. It was her birthday gift from Granny and Grandpa.  We’re trying to replace ‘stuff’ with experiences, instead.  This one was  a hit.  And they even learned that Namaste means “The light in me sees the light in you”

When I went to pick her up she said “I could do this forever!  I love yoga!”  She can hardly wait to go back and this time our 6 year old granddaughter will be going with her.  Bought her a cute little yoga outfit today.  And her little brother wanted a yoga outfit, too, so he can be ready to go when he is old enough.  Yahooo!!!

If you have mini-yogis in your home, you are going to love this info-graphic.  Easy poses for every day.



Yoga Positions Mom and Kids Could Try Together #infographic

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