Today I Am A Monkey


Today I Am A Monkey

The first book in our Today I Am series, featuring Max, is up on Amazon. I can hardly believe it! To see my name as the author of a published book is pretty amazing, I must say. This one is called Today I Am A Monkey.

I was so fortunate to find an illustrator, Lucia Benito, who brought Max to life in a way I could not imagine. And with 2 little boys of her own, she understands Max’s character very well. She is now working on Today I Am A Tiger, so look for that one very soon.

This series is so much fun to write. The little boy, Max, is taken from our grandson, Warren. He is just an incredible boy. He’s smart, curious, funny, adventurous and loving.

Oh and that killer smile!! Warren

I know you and your young ones will enjoy Max’s adventures.

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