The Importance Of Blowing Bubbles With Your Inner Child

Are you remembering to nourish your inner child?  Have you left playfulness in the past as you get busy adulting?  Or have you just looking for something fun to do with your own kids on a sunny afternoon?

Remember back when you were a kid and blowing bubbles was one of the most magical experiences on a summer day?  The bubbles were filled with color, motion and wonder as they floated on the breeze, taking us along for the ride.

Blowing bubbles is a wonderful activity for all ages.  Little ones as young as 12 months can even manage to create a few when you hold the bubble stick up to their mouth.  And even if they don’t make their own, they will love to watch you blow them.  Kids of all ages love to chase bubbles and pop them. Sometimes even the dog gets in on the fun.

In this age of technology, we have forgotten how to play.  Sadly, our children are suffering because of it.  We’ve forgotten how important play is to our wellbeing and many times, have given our wellbeing over to technology.  Studies are now showing the dangers this path is to all of us.

And one of the easiest way to add play to your day is by blowing bubbles.  Remember that no matter who you are now, no matter how old you are, you were once a kid, too.   Whether you have 10 kids or no kids, get yourself a jug of bubbles and let your inner child out to play.  

Does A Lizard Have A Gizzard?


Does a Lizard Have a Gizzard?

A child’s first years are filled with questions. It’s a new world to them and their curiosity takes centre stage in all things.

Does A Lizard Have A Gizzard takes child and adult on a fun romp through the Why, Where, How, What If and Would You?

Does a butterfly make butter? Does a buzzard really buzz?



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My Little UG Rhyming Book



“One day as I walked down the street

I found a U and I found a G.

I put them together and guess what I found?

I had the only UG around.”


What would you do with your UG?

Would you find a BUG?

Or buy a RUG?

Or catch a train to downtown ZUG?

My Little UG Rhyming Book takes these words and more, creating a fun story with simple words that will make learning to spell and rhyme an entertaining adventure.

Kids love to rhyme.

They laugh and giggle as though the words tickle their ear.

Rhyming not only helps with word skills but having fun with words help children to develop a love for books and reading.

Then the adventure begins.  Words and reading take your children on wild, wonderful adventures that last throughout their lives. When reading skills are solid, learning becomes easier and much more fun.

Each book in this series focuses on a different sound and brings in words that rhyme with each other to create a fun story with great pictures.

We know you and your children will have so much fun with all the books in the series.


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