Blogging with a Little Help from My Friends

Oh gosh! I reread my title and had written ‘Blogging With A Little Help From My Fiends.” LOL Well, they would certainly have gotten a kick out of that!! I really did have to change it, though.

I like the idea a including some wise words from family and friends who have made a difference in my life. Some are authors, some are teachers, others are healers, great cooks or master gardeners; all of them have something to share and they have been there through all my bumpy rides and Yahoo! moments.

This is also a place for you to share. Since my first published piece has to do with angels, you know you are safe to share your own stories here. As others books are released, we welcome you to share your thoughts and ideas on those as well. If you came to criticize for no reason, you have taken a wrong turn.

Just a couple thoughts that I wanted to share.

We all choose our state of being or state of mind. We can choose to be miserable, cranky, rude or downright obnoxious. We can also choose to be kind, happy, generous, polite, tactful, compassionate, gentle and loving.

I like this quote by Abe Lincoln,

“People are just as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

When our kids were little I found a little book called One A Day Reason To Be Happy. It was wonderful and the kids really liked that, in every day, there was something to be happy about. Even bad days have moments where you can choose happiness, if even for a moment.

What’s your one-a-day reason to be happy?

A little bit about me

I will do my best not to embarrass anyone I know although I may end up looking like an idiot myself at times. I have been the ‘comic relief’ in our group of friends to many times to count. Keep ’em laughing, I say. Don’t take yourself to seriously.

Also, knowing a bit about the life of an artist, musician, teacher, author, grocery clerk, coffee server or anyone else you connect with helps you to understand a bit more about who they are.

In these pages, I may not tell you everything but you will definitely get a sense of who I am, what I believe and why I write what I do. I am a little irreverent, cheeky, teasing, huggy, a party lover, pretty good cook and a procrastinator. I love snuggling with my grandbabies (and hubby) or taking the older ones out for lunch and hugs. I am a Mom who has 4 amazing kids and has made many mistakes with each of them. But they seem to love me anyway.

In my life I do my best to forgive everything, to love unconditionally, to be grateful for the gifts of each wrong. Yet I try not to judge them because I know there is a bigger picture. Well, I hope there is one that gives meaning to some of the things that happen in our world.

And all this will change as I grow and evolve. The person I am today is not who I was 20 years ago, last year, last week or even yesterday. Can I hear a “Hell Yeah?”

And who I am today will not be the person I am to become. My life experiences, my adventures, my beliefs, the people I connect with will all have an effect on my evolution. Change is part of the journey.

So this blog will not only be about what I am writing but what is happening in my life and the world around me. It will be a place where I will share a recipe for a great soup alongside a recipe to shift your mood from ‘Bitchy To Bitchin.’

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