Me in Egypt





 The Story of a Country Girl With Itchy Feet

I’ve loved reading and writing ever since I can remember. These days, parents are telling their kids “no phone at the dinner table.” My Mom was forever telling me to “get that book away from the table.” I was the kid in class with the textbook propped up to hide the trashy novel I was reading.

My wonderful hubby and I live in a small town right in the centre of British Columbia, Canada where we raised our four wonderful kids. We have moose, bear, coyotes and deer wandering through the yard at various times and incredible family and friends who also wander through.

We have winter at least 5 months out of the year and, although it has its own incredible beauty, I am a beach gypsy at heart. Hubby and I love to travel. We have been to Egypt twice and all over the U.S. and Caribbean. Itchy feet and adventure call.

My ideas for the books I write come from everywhere; the life we live, my own journey, our friends, children, 6 amazing grandchildren, challenges met and overcome.

I might see a farmer in town with gumboots on and Grandpa’s Gumboots is a new story in my head.  Or laughing with the kids about animals and yoga.  How funny would an ostrich look doing a headstand? One book sprung from the funny sounds a baby makes, another from the insatiable curiosity of a grandson and yet another from a video I saw on the weather network.  All these unrelated instances are now works in progress.

Kids also go through challenges and it’s important to share those stories, too, so other children feel their experience is shared and understood and we can open the lines of communication with them.  We all have a responsibility to teach, support, uplift & nourish all children in any way we are able.

Stay tuned…the list of books I want to write is long and continues to grow as if it had a life of its own.

Doing Your Happy Dance

Look for the simple moments of joy and happiness in each day. Make this the focus of your day. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with your fussy newborn or sitting with a loved one as they prepare to leave this world, there are moments of joy and happiness to be found.

And the picture below shows one of our beautiful granddaughters having a joyful moment in her Great-great Aunt Dorothy’s field. Our daughter, this little one’s Auntie, spent the afternoon taking the most incredible pictures around Aunt Dorothy’s farm, and this is one of them.

Doing Your Happy DanceJPG