A little bit about me

I will do my best not to embarrass anyone I know although I may end up looking like an idiot myself at times. I have been the ‘comic relief’ in our group of friends to many times to count. Keep ’em laughing, I say. Don’t take yourself to seriously.

Also, knowing a bit about the life of an artist, musician, teacher, author, grocery clerk, coffee server or anyone else you connect with helps you to understand a bit more about who they are.

In these pages, I may not tell you everything but you will definitely get a sense of who I am, what I believe and why I write what I do. I am a little irreverent, cheeky, teasing, huggy, a party lover, pretty good cook and a procrastinator. I love snuggling with my grandbabies (and hubby) or taking the older ones out for lunch and hugs. I am a Mom who has 4 amazing kids and has made many mistakes with each of them. But they seem to love me anyway.

In my life I do my best to forgive everything, to love unconditionally, to be grateful for the gifts of each wrong. Yet I try not to judge them because I know there is a bigger picture. Well, I hope there is one that gives meaning to some of the things that happen in our world.

And all this will change as I grow and evolve. The person I am today is not who I was 20 years ago, last year, last week or even yesterday. Can I hear a “Hell Yeah?”

And who I am today will not be the person I am to become. My life experiences, my adventures, my beliefs, the people I connect with will all have an effect on my evolution. Change is part of the journey.

So this blog will not only be about what I am writing but what is happening in my life and the world around me. It will be a place where I will share a recipe for a great soup alongside a recipe to shift your mood from ‘Bitchy To Bitchin.’

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